Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

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DC Housing Finance Agency

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

$200,000 – $275,000

The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency (DCHFA) is seeking a Chief Executive Officer. The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency was established in 1979 to stimulate and expand home ownership and rental housing opportunities in Washington, D.C. DCHFA accomplishes their mission by primarily issuing mortgage revenue bonds. Through their Multifamily Lending and Neighborhood Investment division, DCHFA issues bonds to assist developer’s cost of acquiring, constructing and rehabilitating rental housing. The agency also has two equity funds which support the development of for sale and for rent workforce housing. Their Single-Family Program offers DC residents competitive products that help lower the homebuyer’s cost of purchasing homes. DCHFA embraces their responsibility with conviction and pledges their best efforts to serve as the City’s champion for homeowners and renters, and to act as the City’s principal catalyst for affordable housing neighborhood investment.


The CEO ensures the effective and efficient operation and growth of the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency by providing leadership and guidance to the Agency. The CEO facilitates the mission of the Agency by maintaining internal relationships with staff and external entities such as community organizations, developers and governmental agencies. In addition, the CEO consults with the Board of Directors in the development and formulation of policy and setting strategic- short and long-term goals.


The CEO collaborates with the Board of Directors on strategic planning, programs, budget matters, and any other issues that require Board involvement. The CEO also recommends policy, procedural controls and direction to the Board of Directors. Other responsibilities include:

  • In conjunction with the Board of Directors, reevaluating current business practices and make recommendations on how the Agency can be more business friendly,
  • Working to ensure active collaboration with other DC housing agencies to carry out the Mayor’s vision for preserving and creating affordable housing,
  • Initiating new housing programs that ensures the growth of the agency,
  • Providing overall leadership and management to the Agency’s staff,
  • Providing leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and staff,
  • Being responsible for employing and releasing all Agency personnel,
  • Overseeing management of the Agency’s financial affairs in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner,
  • Maintaining official records and documents of the Agency,
  • Ensuring compliance with federal and local regulations as well as compliance with internal Agency policy and procedures and guidelines,
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in housing finance,
  • Publicizing the activities of the Agency, including its program offerings, achievements, and goals,
  • Establishing sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations, local and federal government offices, other housing agencies, private developers, financial institutions, and other businesses,
  • Monitoring, evaluating and recommending pertinent legislation and policy on Citywide and Federal levels, and
  • Representing the programs and point of view of the Agency to clients, government agencies, organizations and the public.


DCHFA is seeking an innovative, collaborative leader to serve as the next Chief Executive. The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in Finance, Business Administration, Public Policy, Law, or a related field, as well as ten (10) years of experience in leadership and management with five (5) of those in affordable housing. Three (3) years of experience with Housing Finance Agencies (HFA’s) is preferred. Other qualifications include:

  • Knowledge of housing and affordable housing related market forces including; general real estate principles, supply and demand economics highly desirable,
  • Extensive exposure to and experience with the complexities of bond financing and tax credits coupled with a strong network of contacts in the financial industry, local and
  • federal government, local and national non-profit organizations, and local businesses,
  • Solid managerial skills with an exceptional ability to weave together differing internal and external constituencies and build coalitions to create a sense of mutually shared purpose,
  • Strong persuasive and presentation skills required,
  • Ability to develop and actualize a vision and mobilize the Agency,
  • Well-developed team focused leadership skills and encourage creativity and partnership within the work environment and move the Agency toward its goals,
  • Personal and professional integrity and honesty,
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and work effectively in a Board of Directors structure,
  • Outstanding oral and written communications skills,
  • Sound interpretative skills grounded in a strong sense of compassion,
  • Considerable intellectual strength and professional curiosity, and
  • Proven ability to recognize and capitalize upon opportunities on behalf of an organization.


Please submit a resume to To assist with internal sorting, please only include your name (Last, First) in the subject line. Please submit your resume in WORD format.

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