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Polihire Launches Leadership Podcast with Special Guest U.S. Army Ret’d Gen. William E. “Kip” Ward




PoliHire Founder and CEO Kenyatta Uzzell Discusses the Hallmarks of Leadership

WASHINGTONFeb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Appearing on the inaugural Kenyatta’s Talent Hunt podcast, retired Army General William E. “Kip” Ward cited “team building” as a critical component of leadership in the public and private sectors.

“Any leader that thinks he or she can do it all by himself or herself, that is absolutely (wrong), you rely on a team,” says GEN Ward, who most recently served as President of SENTEL Corporation of Alexandria, VA following a four-decade career in the US Army that culminated in his position as Commander, United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). As the inaugural Commander, GEN Ward successfully established the nation’s newest and uniquely positioned interagency combatant command responsible for all U.S. defense and security activities on the African continent and its island nations.

“One of my driving philosophies was that as a teammate, you’re doing what you do, not because you are elevating yourself, but you’re doing what you do because you’re elevating others,” he says. “If every member of the team is working to elevate their teammate, then the whole team is being lifted. It’s not that you’re in competition with your teammate; you’re supporting your teammate. As a leader, how you inculcate that attitude is critically important in getting the job done, especially in a sustained way.”

In the new podcast, PoliHire founder and CEO Kenyatta Uzzell interviews venerable leaders from the government, nonprofit, and corporate sectors on both demonstrating leadership and identifying what it takes to excel in positions of executive responsibility.

“Executive search is fundamentally about understanding an organization’s needs and then identifying people with top-notch leadership skills,” Uzzell says. “The qualities of leadership, however, can feel intangible. I wanted to have a series of conversations with people who have reflected on their own leadership success and with those who have developed a sense of how to spot those traits in others.”

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